Wednesday, February 22, 2006

About Blogcom - people behind blogcom

Blogcom is a blog based community organized by us to share information about cool trends, technolgies, evoling b-models and network with fellow netizens.

Its free and open. We archive all the chat contents and try not to allow sales pitch for any particular vendor.

Sudha Jamthe, an Internet Entreprenuer and marketing executive and Richard Seltzer an Internet Evangelist and author of Altavista Search Revolution became nostalgic for the early days of the web circa 1995.

Su used to lead Web-Net, a business networking user group at MIT Sloan school 1995 to 2000 where Vermeer, Allaire, Interwoven, Ziplink, and many of the early web companies have presented for market validation. Web-Net hosted Richards' weekly chats "business on the web" which ran from Jun 1996 to Nov 2003.

We decided to put our nostalgias back to create blogcom here. Su organizes blogcom and invites guests and markets blogcom to build out the community. Richard moderates the chats and promotes it with his flypaper technique and archives the chat content.

Who can join: Its free. All are welcome. You can come to share your knowledge on a specific topic or can come ask questions or just join and network.

Post comments on blogcom or email us at sujamthe at yahoo dot com or seltzer at samizdat dot com.